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You can conveniently pick up your purchases  on the way to your gate.  For flights within the Schengen zone, it's best to arrive at the airport 1,5 to 2 hours prior to departure.
You can conveniently pick up your purchases  at  the Meet & Greet point in the arrival hall  right after you land and reclaim your luggage.
You can conveniently pick up your purchases  at  the Meet & Greet point in the arrival hall.


Relay is an international brand for travellers in 22 countries around the world. The Relay retail chain is part of Ubiway Retail, a company that has been active in press and retail in Belgium since 1923 and that also operates three other well-known brands: Press Shop, Hubiz and Ubi.

Relay is the indispensable and recognisable brand at any time of travel, whether in a train station, a metro station or in the airport. The challenge is to meet the specific expectations of travellers by offering them a range of products that is adapted to their needs and constantly evolving: press, tobacco, lottery, books, multimedia, care & beauty products... and a wide choice of drinks and snacks.

Thanks to the cosy, familiar sales area and the fast service at the cash desk, travellers can easily and quickly find the products and services that will make their journey more enjoyable. Visit us for a relaxing moment!

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40 results
  • Fodmap-arm koken
    Relay Fodmap-arm koken Books
    EU €27,99
    NON-EU €27,99
  • Draaischijf
    Relay Draaischijf Books
    EU €25,99
    NON-EU €25,99
  • Le grand monde
    Relay Le grand monde Books
    EU €23,00
    NON-EU €23,00
  • Affaire Alaska Sanders
    Relay Affaire Alaska Sanders Books
    EU €23,00
    NON-EU €23,00
  • Le cas Nelson Kerr
    Relay Le cas Nelson Kerr Books
    EU €23,00
    NON-EU €23,00
  • Het no-nonsense slaapboek
    Relay Het no-nonsense slaapboek Books
    EU €22,99
    NON-EU €22,99
  • Fuck it maandag start ik echt
    Relay Fuck it maandag start ik echt Books
    EU €22,50
    NON-EU €22,50
  • Dwars door de lage landen
    Relay Dwars door de lage landen Books
    EU €22,50
    NON-EU €22,50
  • L'inconnue de la Seine
    Relay L'inconnue de la Seine Books
    EU €22,00
    NON-EU €22,00
  • Slagschaduw
    Relay Slagschaduw Books
    EU €22,00
    NON-EU €21,99
  • Royal
    Relay Royal Books
    EU €22,00
    NON-EU €21,99
  • Zomer van je leven
    Relay Zomer van je leven Books
    EU €22,00
    NON-EU €21,99
  • Een laatste uitweg
    Relay Een laatste uitweg Books
    EU €22,00
    NON-EU €21,99
  • Labyrinthes
    Relay Labyrinthes Books
    EU €21,90
    NON-EU €21,90
  • La cle de votre energie
    Relay La cle de votre energie Books
    EU €20,80
    NON-EU €20,80
  • Il nous restera ca
    Relay Il nous restera ca Books
    EU €20,00
    NON-EU €20,00
  • Skandar en de eenhoorndief
    Relay Skandar en de eenhoorndief Books
    EU €19,99
    NON-EU €19,99
  • House of sky and breath
    Relay House of sky and breath Books
    EU €19,95
    NON-EU €19,95
  • Young mungo
    Relay Young mungo Books
    EU €19,95
    NON-EU €19,95
  • Deraison
    Relay Deraison Books
    EU €19,74
    NON-EU €19,95
  • La ritournelle
    Relay La ritournelle Books
    EU €19,00
    NON-EU €19,00
  • Beautiful world where are you
    Relay Beautiful world where are you Books
    EU €17,50
    NON-EU €17,50
  • Le reveil
    Relay Le reveil Books
    EU €15,05
    NON-EU €15,05
  • Putin's people
    Relay Putin's people Books
    EU €14,95
    NON-EU €14,95
  • Klara and the sun
    Relay Klara and the sun Books
    EU €13,95
    NON-EU €13,95
  • The love hypothesis
    Relay The love hypothesis Books
    EU €13,95
    NON-EU €13,95
  • The midnight library
    Relay The midnight library Books
    EU €12,50
    NON-EU €12,50
  • The cat who saved books
    Relay The cat who saved books Books
    EU €12,50
    NON-EU €12,50
  • Unheard
    Relay Unheard Books
    EU €11,95
    NON-EU €11,95
  • It ends with us
    Relay It ends with us Books
    EU €11,95
    NON-EU €11,95