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You can conveniently pick up your purchases  on the way to your gate.  For flights within the Schengen zone, it's best to arrive at the airport 1,5 to 2 hours prior to departure.
You can conveniently pick up your purchases  at  the Meet & Greet point in the arrival hall  right after you land and reclaim your luggage.
You can conveniently pick up your purchases  at  the Meet & Greet point in the arrival hall.

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  • manneken-pis-16-pieces-2-5f27fef11ead2.jpg
    Corné Port-Royal Manneken Pis 225 G Gift Inspiration
    EU €19,50
    NON-EU €19,50
  • lait-solaire-spf-30-2_1.jpg
    Biotherm Lait Solaire SPF 30 400 ML Sun care
    EU €29,90
    NON-EU €29,90
  • 1118296.jpg
    Relay Diables Rouges Comic strips
    EU €11,95
    NON-EU €11,95
  • jaipur-homme-4_2.jpg
    Boucheron Jaïpur Homme 100 ML Eau de parfum
    EU €77,50
    NON-EU €77,50
  • westmalle-trappist-pack-3x075l-2-5f27ec7d6dcea.jpg
    Westmalle Westmalle Trappist Pack 3x75cl 3 X 0,75 L Gift sets
    EU €27,50
    NON-EU €26,90
  • tanqueray-flor-de-sevilla-distilled-gin-2-5da9999210576.jpg
    Tanqueray Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla Distilled Gin 1 L Gin
    EU €42,60
    NON-EU €35,80
  • taste-of-belgium-24-pieces-2.jpg
    Neuhaus Taste of Belgium 324 G Pralines
    EU €33,30
    NON-EU €33,30
  • olympea-4_3.jpg
    Paco Rabanne Olympéa 80 ML Eau de parfum
    EU €87,60
    NON-EU €87,60
  • 1117599.jpg
    Relay De verre horizon Relay
    EU €20,99
    NON-EU €20,99
  • my-way-edp-2-60338b17d23d1.jpg
    Giorgio Armani My Way 50 ML Eau de parfum
    EU €74,90
    NON-EU €74,90
  • mixed-truffles-3x200g-2-5f27ec369516f.jpg
    Starbrook Airlines Mixed Truffles 3x200 G Truffles
    EU €21,40
    NON-EU €21,40
  • pvc-figurine-rocket-17cmc.jpg
    Tintin Pvc figurine rocket 17cm© Gift Inspiration
    EU €26,90
    NON-EU €26,90
  • the-ritual-of-sakura-mini-2-5f27d64de84d5.jpg
    Rituals The Ritual of Sakura Mini Fragrance Sticks 50 ML Fragrances
    EU €13,90
    NON-EU €13,90
  • 1118427.jpg
    Relay Zeven Zussen deel 7 De Zevende Zus Relay
    EU €24,99
    NON-EU €24,99
  • delirium-tremens-luxury-tin-850-075l-2-5f27e8559451f.jpg
    Delirium Delirium Tremens Luxury Tin 0,75 L Ales & lagers
    EU €10,10
    NON-EU €9,60
  • bombay-sapphire-london-dry-gin-470-05l-2_1.jpg
    Bombay Sapphire Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin 0,5 L Gin
    EU €24,20
    NON-EU €18,20
*Only valid for non EU passengers and only applicable to alcoholic drinks.